Fresh Local Tortillas


Intro: Whole Corn Whole kernals of local organic corn are cooked in water with a trace of crushed limestone.(Fun Fact) The length of time for which the maize is boiled and soaked varies according to local traditions and the type of food being prepared, with cooking times ranging from a few minutes to few hour,…
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Easy Quesadilla Recipe

Intro: Happy Cinco De Mayo! To celebrate we wanted to share a quick & easy Quesadillas recipe. Quesadillas are the perfect snack for any time of day. You can make with your favorite cheese and as healthy (or not) as you want in just a few minutes. Quick recipes like these are great to store…
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The Best Tortilla Chip Recipe

We’re excited to demonstrate this awesome recipe brought to our attention by one of our dedicated fans. Tortilla Chips are one of the most recognizable forms of the flat round corn product. You’ll often see these crispy classic chips throughout isles of snack food, in entrees at restaurants, next to a bowl of dip &…
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Buttermilk Fried Fish Tacos

I learned this technique at a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans, and it reflects these two styles. A California style fish taco but fried with a classic southern batter of buttermilk and hot sauce, and a cornmeal dredge. We made it with catfish filets, but flaky whitefish works as well. It pairs well with classic…
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Chicken Tinga Recipe

Intro: Chicken tinga is an ultra comforting chicken braise that’s ready in an hour and a half without much effort. It’s smoky and schmaltzy with an acidic balance from tomatoes and cider vinegar. It can be made with breasts or thighs, the thighs will give you more fat and a richer flavor, but have a…
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Chilaquiles Recipe

Background: We’ve been so inspired seeing everyone’s kitchen creations & recipes over the past few weeks/months we wanted to share one of our own. Chilasquiles is a tasty traditional breakfast meal prepared throughout many Mexican kitchens. The word comes from the Nahuatl Aztec language & there are numerous variations of this dish across the continent…
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Tortilla Delivery

We are so excited to announce that for the first time ever Mi Tierra Tortillas are available for shipping throughout all of New England & New York! For the time being it’s just 12packs of our organic & conventional corn tortillas but we’ll hopefully be able to add more varieties & options as we move…
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