Fresh Local Tortillas


  1. Whole Corn

Whole kernals of local organic corn are cooked in water with a trace of crushed limestone.
(Fun Fact) The length of time for which the maize is boiled and soaked varies according to local traditions and the type of food being prepared, with cooking times ranging from a few minutes to few hour, and soaking times from a few minutes to about a day.

2. Soaking

After being cooked the solution steeps and undergoes a chemical process. The corn softens and gains calcium & potassium
(Fun Fact) Without the addition of powdered lime the nutrients inside the corn are unable to be digested. Settlers trying to copy the ancient technique missed this step and became malnourished trying to eat only corn products to sustain themselves. 

3. Washing

The Kernels are washed thoroughly the hulls, starch & other corn matter are removed

Calcium hydroxide is the powder that results from scraping the limestone rocks. The Aztec would grind corn against the lime stone river rocks and figured out it’s beneficial properties this way.

4. Nixtamal 

Once the nixtamal is formed you have masa and it can be made into many different food options.

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