Easy Quesadilla Recipe

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Easy Quesadilla Recipe


Happy Cinco De Mayo! To celebrate we wanted to share a quick & easy Quesadillas recipe. Quesadillas are the perfect snack for any time of day. You can make with your favorite cheese and as healthy (or not) as you want in just a few minutes. Quick recipes like these are great to store on note cards near the kitchen, you can stick your favorites to the fridge for nightly inspiration or shuffle the deck for a surprise recipe when you can’t decide.. We love using these index cards from Hamelin, you can scan the recipe cards to your phone for easy access & more. Check them out here: www.hamelin.store


To start you need to pick out your Queso. The cheese is the second most important ingredient in this recipe so it’s key to get it right. You can also use a vegan cheese alternative if you prefer. Our favorite combo is half Monterey Jack & half mozzarella Next you’ll need some Mi Tierra Tortillas and a little oil for the pan. That’s it! Only 3 Ingredients for the basics, you can always get fancy with salsa & toppings.

Fun Fact: Did you know the word quesadilla comes from the words Queso & Tortilla? Queso + Tortilla = Quesadilla


  1. Heat the pan up to medium temperature. Simply add the tortillas to the pan and flip twice with a little oil if it’s not a non-stick pan. From there you can add your desired amount of cheese. You can either fold the centers together, place two on top of each other, or eat like mini cheese tacos. There is no wrong way to eat a quesadilla!
  2. 5 minutes is all it should take to melt most cheese on medium heat, you can keep going if you like them extra crispy
  3. Add your favorite toppings or dippers like salsa, guacamole, crema or anything else. Although don’t worry they taste great by themselves too!


We hope you enjoyed this recipe, if you’d like to see more please follow us on social media and reach out to us, we’d love to hear your comments. If you have a favorite tortilla recipe of your own or a recommendation for our quesadilla recipe, send us an email & we’ll be sure to include it! Happy Cinco De Mayo!