Real Organic Real Good

All three ingredients grown & processed in the Connecticut River Valley since 2014

We Love Tortillas 

Here at Mi Tierra Tortillas we believe in quality food production and supporting local farmers and communities around us. We are thrilled to be able to offer our delicious tortillas to such a large number of people on the East Coast and are always happy making sure people love the prodct they get. If you love our tortillas as much as we do be sure to share on social media and tell your friends, tag us at #mitierratortillas 

Locally Grown Corn 

We source both our organic & conventional corn from small farms throughout western mass. Corn makes up most of the tortilla and is the most important part of the flavor so why not make it the best corn around.  

Sustainable Practices

Not having to ship products far means fewer energy costs and less impact on the environment. All of our ingridients are 100% certified organic and non-GMO and all of our food scraps get composted. 

Year Round Production

Since the very start our operation has been expanding. We recently made arangments to move our factory to a larger location in Springfield MA and will be producing twice as many tortillas this coming year. To the future and beyond! 

Our Story

We are proud of our origins in New England and our long history of supporting and being supported by the community that were a part of. Many thanks to our loyal fans and customers who have brought us along this far. Learn more about history in our blog or by subscribing.

Our Team

Our hard working team loves providing tortillas for your dinner table


Jorge Sosa


Michael Doctor



Logistics coordinator

Teal Migliaccio


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