The Best Tortilla Chip Recipe

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The Best Tortilla Chip Recipe

We’re excited to demonstrate this awesome recipe brought to our attention by one of our dedicated fans. Tortilla Chips are one of the most recognizable forms of the flat round corn product. You’ll often see these crispy classic chips throughout isles of snack food, in entrees at restaurants, next to a bowl of dip & so many other places. The great thing about Mi Tierra Tortillas is their ability to fit in easily to any style or size kitchen. These classic tortilla chips can be made gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, oil free & even salt free if you prefer… or you can load on your favorite seasoning & toppings! Add some healthy crunch to your routine with these outstanding tortillas, and the recipes proportions are all up to you. 🌽

Here is the original message we received with recipe inside:

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his experience & knowledge with all of us, it’s so much fun to hear how different folks enjoy the tortilla. These crunchy & delicious circles are the perfect healthy alternative for so many hungry people around the northeast & farther. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make your own chips from scratch, you can always purchase chips at our sister restaurant Mi Tierra in Hadley MA. You can check out their website for hours, directions & pricing on how to call ahead & reserve authentic tasty tortilla chips in bulk. Tortilla chips will last a day or so if sealed in an airtight container for storage. However staleness does come about quickly so don’t leave them for to long.

Or if you’re in the mood during lockdown to try something fun and new why not make them yourself? This way you can control all the factors of baking & have even more fun while you’re at it. Here’s a cool video demonstration on how to bring this flexible recipe to life:

Tortilla chips can be used in almost any kind of dish that needs an extra bit of crunch. From taco salads to nachos, and layered dips there’s loads of possibilities for different ways to slice & dice these tortillas. If you’re looking for an equal parts unique & delicious recipe for the holiday season be sure to check out our previous blog post on how to make an authentic Chilaquiles Recipe.

If you’re a fan of tortilla chips make sure to reach out to us & share your favorite seasoning, toppings or uses hack. We love seeing all the awesome creations people put together with our products. Because there’s endless things to do with corn tortillas these creations are always being sent in to us. Make sure to follow us on Social Media & tag us in your creations to be featured in our IG highlights.
Our Tortillas are available for online ordering in 7 states and counting! You can also find them at Whole Foods & many other establishments throughout the northeast. Just give us a ring or contact us for more info about finding your pack today.

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