About Tortillas

Fresh Local Tortillas

Tortillas are more than just the three ingredients. To us, Tortillas are everything! These scrumptious corn circles offer not only a method of consuming food & a resourceful ingredient. On top of that they are also an approach to cooking, eating & much more. Tortillas are a great carb replacement and a helpful reminder that there are always multiple ways to achieve what you thought was possible. Whether you’re breaking all the rules of the taco making game, or re-defining the boundaries between grilled cheese & quesadillas. Tortillas are a great way to mix up a bland dish & provide opportunities in the kitchen. Air or oil fry tortilla chips in strips to add a crunch inside any burrito, wrap, or salad or on top of a delicious Mixteco Especial *bottom right … the possibilities are endless!

Anatomy of a Tortilla:

Here’s a breakdown of a tortilla. 12 of these come in every pack of our product!

Tortillas are often consumed & made during times when families & friends are sharing each others company. Normally found at dinner tables around the country and world. A warm stack of tortillas can often be found amongst a happy bunch of people enjoying & embracing the important social component of culinary traditions. Since 2014 we’ve only used these three ingredients. It’s important to know what’s going in your food so we make sure to show the whole process from seed to table. We hope you enjoy the Journey!

If you have great videos or pictures of your tortilla creations you’d like to share make sure to send them to us or tag us on our social media accounts @mitierratortillas & #mitierratortillas