About Tortillas

Fresh Local Tortillas

Here’s a three part series from Boston Organics interviewing Michael Docter about his organic farm & how it all works. To learn more be sure to check out our YT channel!

Here’s a great spotlight from river valley co-op that shows some of our history in the Pioneer Valley.

Here’s an archive of one of our many tortilla demonstrations. It’s great to interact in person with all the community members who support us & support sustainable food.

Since 2014 we’ve only used these three ingredients. It’s important to know what’s going in your food so we make sure to show the whole process from seed to table.

This is a great look at the history of the tortilla throughout middle America. Thank you to Cookin’ with Grandmas for putting this together.

Here’s Michael Docter showing the efforts of Food Bank Farm in the Pioneer Valley New England.

Here’s one of our pop-up events in Somerville, thanks to Clover Food Labs for helping to organize.

Here’s Jorge Sosa talking about his relationship growing up with tortillas & how Mi Tierra Tortillas came to be.