Fresh Local Tortillas

Here’s What Folks Have to Say:

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“I just started using a Mi Tierra tortilla in place of an English muffin for my morning egg, cheese and avocado sandwich and it’s so good! Plus, a lot less sodium and fewer carbs”

Esther – Facebook

“It is heartwarming to know businesses like Mi Tierra founded on local, delicious, simple and real, clean ingredients also be at the core of community. Mi Tierra is where you want to eat and shop not just for the deliciousness but also for their social consciousness. We need so many more of them in our communities to replace corporate chains. Michael, countless thanks to you for supporting Doctors for Global Health silent auction in a heartbeat!”

DGH – Facebook

“We love your Organic Tortillas and I think if more people realized they are a amazing gluten free bread alternative your sales would double”

Erin – Facebook

“Best tortillas I’ve ever had!”

Alfred – Facebook

“Delicious!!!!!!! Cooked up well and the family couldn’t get enough!!! Completely different than major factory brand, in a good way! �� Will be buying tons!! Thank you!!!”

Allie – Facebook

“Muy contenta de haber encontrado finally! las mejores y más ricas tortillas de maíz de la zona. Estas son exactamente como las que venden en México, ¡muy deliciosas! (ˆ ڡ ˆ) #TeamMiTierraTortillas” 


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