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Our tortillas are available in all different size packages! We can sell large crates of regular tortillas, pre cut tortilla chips, & occasionally we’ll also have fresh corn Masa amiable for purchase. If you would like to carry Mi Tierra Tortillas in your store, restaurant, catering service or private event please contact us at 413-387-7140 or email us at mdocter@wintermoonorganic.com We guarantee freshness and we guarantee all sales.┬áPlease call us to discuss.

If you’re a customer who want’s your favorite store to carry our products reach out to to mdocter@wintermoonorganic.com for more information on how to make that happen. We guaranty a high quality 100% organically certified, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, healthy local corn tortillas. Learn more about our tortillas, who we are, and how they’re made check out our about page.

If you own a restaurant or catering service & would like to order our tortillas in large quantities be sure to get in touch with us at: mdocter@wintermoonorganic.com. We’ll be sure to figure out a system that works best to meet your needs & come up with a custom approach for each new customer.