Fresh Local Tortillas

Our team works hard to make sure your delicious tortillas turn out perfect every time. Without our talented & dedicated staff the tortillas you know and love wouldn’t be around so we are extra appreciative of their work.


Co-Founder, Plant Manager

Smart kid when growing up just to find out that he didn’t know anything. He is usually starting a new project when he has many unfinished ones. 

Fun fact: Jorge loves technology gadgets but he doesn’t know how to use them. Once asking Teal for help with his computer. Teal said “due to the lack of knowledge you should get a tablet and you’ll be ok”.


Co-Founder, Sales, & tortilla loving gringo

If he is not farming you can find Michael riding his bike around Hadley roads. Sometimes pulling 1000 pounds of roots in a trailer attached to his bike to be delivered to local markets. In the summer it is easy to find him swimming in the Connecticut River after a long day of work. Michael is the owner of winter moon organics.
Fun fact: He only eats pork when it’s free


Logistics & Strategy

If he is not fixing Jorge’s or Michael’s screws ups Jim is coordinating deliveries and order to customers all over New England and beyond. If you are a happy Mi Tierra Tortillas customer; You can be sure that Jim had something to do with your fresh tortillas you get at your favorite store or restaurant. 
Fun fact: Jim has enough common sense even when nothing is making sense 



Photography and design enthusiast, Multi tasking when he is not mixing a margarita he’ll be designing or shooting photos for one of his multiple projects. 
Fun fact: Teal doesn’t know how to check the oil in his car. 
Jorge told him “for the lack of knowledge in cars you should be riding a donkey”.