Fresh Local Tortillas

Our Story:

Hi there! We’re Jorge Sosa and Michael Docter, co-owners of Mi Tierra Tortillas. We pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality tortilla to you at an affordable price. Here’s our story:

All the way back in 2013, Michael was an organic farmer and an avid fan of the food served at Mi Tierra Restaurant in Hadley. At the same time; Jorge and Dora cooked delicious authentic Mexican food in a family setting. Michael brought his family there regularly, (mostly after soccer practices when healthy food is much appreciated!). During meal time at the restaurant Jorge and Michael began to talk about the lack of good tortillas in New England. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make them from fresh local corn. This was where the idea of Mi Tierra Tortillas began.

In 2014 a fire ravaged the building that housed Mi Tierra restaurant, burning the entire building to the ground, including their newly purchased tortilla making machine. Jorge and Dora needed to build back everything they had lost. They searched for a new home for the restaurant while making tortillas for sale by hand. Michael sold the tortillas at his farmer’s markets that winter and Jorge and Michael began to plan the business of Mi Tierra Tortillas.  


Mi Tierra Tortillas use the ancient methods of Nixtamalization to process our tortillas before they are baked off & packaged. It’s an old & simple way to extract the naturally occurring nutrients out of the corn. This way you get the maximum nourishment from the food that comes out of your ground. We use locally grown organic & conventional corn, to bring you the freshest, best tasting tortillas available to the east coast. To learn more about this process, be sure to check out our blog post or F.A.Q. pages.

Throughout Northeast

Mi Tierra tortillas are famous all throughout New England and for good reason. Jorge & Michael started making tortillas together in 2014. This was after a fire ravaged Jorges Mexican restaurant Mi Tierra and they needed a way to build back everything they had lost. Using ancient methods of Nixtamalization and locally grown 100% organically certified corn, the dynamic duo worked out a way to bring the freshest & best tortillas available to the east coast. Corn tortillas specifically are a big part of traditional Mexican/American culture. Being able to recreate the authentic approach in New England is a dream come true for the whole family. Due to this, we at Mi Tierra tortillas pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality product at an affordable price for as many people as possible.

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