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Family Taco Night:

Why Local?

With all that’s going on these days there’s never been a better time to focus on eating healthy & treating our planet sustainably. With a little extra time in the day to focus on these things it’s important to research & support every company, organization, community & individual who’s helping do their part, we’re all in this together. Our focus at Mi Tierra Tortillas has always been on providing healthy tortillas at an affordable price and in a sustainable manner to as many people as we can in New England (it doesn’t hurt that their delicious too!). Check out our blog for more updates & insights as we make the best of this situation & navigate the coming unknowns!

About Tortillas:

Tortillas are traditional food source for many of the original inhabitants throughout all of the Americas & a staple for numerous cooking endeavors. For generations the Nixtamal method of production has been passed down to ensure the highest quality, most nutritious tortillas are getting made (for more information on Nixtamalization process check out our recent blog post. This production method coupled with our thoughtful sourcing of organically grown corn by expert Hadley MA farmer Michael Docter, we are confident these are the best tasting tortillas outside of Mexico!

What to Cook:

Each tortilla order comes with instructions on how best to care for & use these tasty circles of corn. There’s no wrong way to eat a tortilla, but if you’re looking for recipe ideas or want to check out some quarantine kitchen inspo be sure to check out our most recent blog post for a classic & creative breakfast dish. If you have a favorite recipe with tortillas you think we should try be sure to let us know! We love hearing from our fans, customers & community!

Tasty healthy dinner recipe from chef jesse doctor

Don’t Take Our Word:

We love your Organic Tortillas and I think if more people realized they are a amazing gluten free bread alternative your sales would double.We love your Organic Tortillas and I think if more people realized they are a amazing gluten free bread alternative your sales would double.

– Erin MC

Delicious!!!!!!! Cooked up well and the family couldn’t get enough!!! Completely different than major factory brand, in a good way!  Will be buying tons!! Thank you!!!

– Allie Norton

We picked up some of your tortillas and was floored by how good they were. Having grown up throughout Latin America (particularly Mexico) I believe I know a thing or two about decent tortillas. I don’t know what you are doing that others can’t seem to do, but the taste and texture of your tortillas  is head-and-shoulders above any other tortillas I’ve had in the States in the last thirty years. As in miles and miles better than anything I’ve had previously — what I’ve been coveting for a long long time. Thank you for whatever you are doing differently than others — you have a real winner on your hands.

– Martin