Fresh Local Tortillas

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are Mi Tierra Tortillas?

Mi Tierra Tortillas are a brand of Organic Corn Tortillas founded in New England in 2014 by Michael Doctor & Jorge Sosa.

What Are Tortillas?

Tortillas are circles of ground corn mixture that is a type of flat bread. They can be used in a wide variety recipes & cuisines. Also they have a long and interesting history with the people throughout the Americas.

Why Are They Yellow?

The dark yellow of our corn comes from the colder climate that the corn is grown in. The organic corn variety is Dent Corn which is what causes the small black spots to show up throughout the tortilla. This is in contrast to whiter corn tortillas that are grown in different climates.

How Are Tortillas Made?

Our organic corn tortillas are made through a process called Nixtamalization. All the growing & productions of our product happens right in the Pioneer Valley!

Where’s The Corn From?

Our neighbors grow the corn here in the Connecticut River Valley. If they are out of fresh corn, we will sometimes buy from our friends in NY. Here’s a video of owner Michael talking more about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92BApe_rhh4

Where Can I Get Your Tortillas?

Our Tortillas are available for online ordering throughout New England, at all Whole Foods locations & many restaurants, co-ops & markets throughout the east coast.

What Does Mi Tierra mean?

Mi Tierra means “My Land” in Spanish but refers more specifically to the farming aspect of the land. Check out our restaurant to learn more about the history of our name: www.mitierrahadley.com

What Are The Ingredients?

Tortillas are vegan, gluten free, 100% certified organic & delicious! Here’s a picture of the nutrition facts & the label itself:

How To Use Tortillas:

There’s a million + way’s to use tortillas but here’s a few of our favorites. So, let us know what yours are and we’ll share them on our feed!

Interested in sampling a tortilla before you buy a whole pack? Because don’t worry you can always go to our restaurant @mitierrahadley and ask for a side of 3 tortillas warmed up!