Fresh Local Tortillas

Our mission is to make the best tasting tortilla.  We try to do this while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Buy local = less fossil fuel:

Sourcing corn from our neighbors means less fuel is used to transport the corn to our tortillaria in Springfield, MA.

Sell local = less fossil fuel

We deliberately limit our distribution to the New England region. Less food miles. Less packaging. Less waste.  Fresher tortillas!

Why we don’t compost?

Because we have 250 chickens that do it for us.   Without turning on any fossil fueled composting equipment, the chickens take all our food waste and turn it into fresh eggs (sold at River Valley Coop as Laughing Layers).  The chickens then “spread their own” fertilizer on fallow fields which are used by Winter Moon Farm to grow tasty organic carrots, beets, and radishes in subsequent seasons.
Our corn is grown right here in Massachusetts or nearby parts of New York state.  Our organic tortillas are made from corn that is certified organic.  Our conventional tortillas are made from corn that is non-GMO.   While GMO, as a technology, is not inherently dangerous, it’s use in corn production, specifically Round-up Ready corn, has led to indiscriminant use of Glyphosate herbicides.  Glyphosate is a known carcinogen.