Fresh Local Tortillas

Our Tortillas

We take pride in our tortillas because we know that the best quality ingredients and practices get put in place to bring them to life. One of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to local. Co-founder Michael Doctor is a proficient & well know farmer himself who enjoys simple living and all things sustainable. Locally sourced ingredients means less transportation emissions and a lighter carbon footprint. The closer you live to where your food comes from the better it’s going to be for your body & the planet! 

Details are important, especially when it comes to what goes in your body. Our organic tortillas are made from local organic corn. The only ingredients we add are water and a trace of crushed limestone to Nixtamalize the corn, learn more about Nixtamalization in our blog post. Because there’s no preservatives in our tortillas the shelf life is only 10 days (they will last several weeks if frozen). Any time you’re eating tortillas more than a week and a half old you can bet they are using some type of preservatives to maintain the strength. It’s our mission to make sure only the highest quality ingredients & product end up on your plate. 

Our Products

Mi Tierra Tortillas currently come in two varieties – conventional corn and 100% organic corn.  Both can be found at your local grocer – see our list of places to buy for more information!

Our Pledge

Mi Tierra Tortillas are made from 100% non-GMO corn. Our neighbors grow the corn here in the Connecticut River Valley. If they run out, we sometimes buy from our friends in nearby New York. Corn, Water, and Lime.  Those are the only ingredients we use and the only ingredients we need!

Our Family

Mi Tierra started as a dream of Jorge and Dora’s to bring authentic Mexican food to Western Massachusetts.  We are continuing that dream by making tortillas in the ancient “nixtamalazation” process, no chemicals, no additives, just 100% corn in the way our forefathers intended.

Our History

Mi Tierra the restaurant is located in the heart of Hadley and has a rich fascinating history of it’s own. The tortillas you know and love wouldn’t be here today without the transition from idea to grocery store to restaurant to Tortillaria! Learn about the history and story of Jorge & Dora on their website at: