Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups

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Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups


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Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Roll-Ups🫔By Kim @littlehouseintheforest 


  • Mi Tierra Tortillas
  • Cream Cheese (or dairy free alternative)
  • Cinnamon Sugar


1. Spread desired amount of cream cheese on tortilla. We like about 1 TBS.

2. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of cream cheese.

3. Roll up and cook in skillet on medium by placing plate on top to keep tortilla from unrolling. After a couple of minutes, flip and cook for a couple more minutes.

4. Serve warm and enjoy!

Thanks to Kim for sharing this awesome recipe with us! Be sure to follow her IG for more great content 😍 @littlehouseintheforest